Top 10 worst hospital visitors – Part II

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We certainly opened a can of worms with the first part of this series, which chronicled everything from a family member who snuck in cats to visit his asthmatic mother to a husband who fell asleep in the patient’s bed while she was in the bathroom.

Here are 10 more patient visitor antics that are too good not to be true.

10. The girlfriend who came to visit her boyfriend with her little girl. She left her daughter with her boyfriend (the patient) while she went shopping.

—Submitted by Missbette

9. The girlfriend who comes and stays over and thinks what she’s “got” is better than what we’re doing for the boyfriend…wink, wink…ALL NIGHT LONG!
—Submitted by Kimmie

8. Visitors who eat in front of patients who are “NPO” have BAD MANNERS! Some people just weren’t raised right!
—Submitted by Granny RN

7. The visitor who came in barefoot and without a bra. “Swinging” the DD “sisters” while walking is a bad fashion “don’t.”
—Submitted by Granny RN

6. The daughter who had a “juicer” and brought in some green stuff she wanted to add to Mama’s tube feeding.
—Submitted by Granny RN

5. The visitor who had a black thong ABOVE her khakis whose butt was aimed at the patients’ door.
—Submitted by Granny RN

4. The friend who snuck in marijuana and alcohol to the trauma patient who was hospitalized because he caused an accident while driving his car the wrong way on a divided road while drunk.
—Submitted by Ghisty

3. The family member who was trying to feed her unconscious family member because it had been hours since he last ate. And he needed nutrition to get better.
—Submitted by Deb

2. The significant other who climbed into bed to snuggle with the trauma patient…and then complained of all the pain the patient was in.
—Submitted by Grace

1. The family who moved into the patient’s room and CLEANED OUT the patient’s kitchen, just like locusts.
—Submitted by Shauna

Tell us—what are some of the worst visitor antics you’ve ever seen?

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28 Responses to Top 10 worst hospital visitors – Part II

  1. supergluuued CNA

    the granddaughter who brought her dog. when the dog got hungry, she just poured his dog food on the floor. ugh.

    • kcb061409 Student

      The sister in law who snuck into the delivery room to take pictures of the baby’s head coming out even when she was told not to.

  2. Malenurse1 RN

    The best friend who brought beer and porn to the guy on way too many narcotics.
    The pregnant girlfriend who had to leave before the wife and kids showed up … shhh, don’t tell my wife she was here. REALLY?!?!

  3. essarge RN

    The boyfriend who came to visit a pt and tried to give her a dose of heroin through her mediport (she was an addict)!!!!

  4. demerss

    The mother of an adult schizophrenic patient, who she had committed involuntarily after he had stopped taking his medication, became psychotic and violent. Upon discussing his discharge planning, we were reminding him how important it was for him to be med compliant and the mother then stated that she believed in God and not in medication…

  5. Stephanie D RN

    The visitor who was upset at the pain her newly post-op elderly mother was in and pushed the PCA button for her. 78 times. In 2 hours.

  6. cnyrn RN

    the grandmother , the patient, who “had” to watch her grandson because her daughter had to work and the daughter brought the child in every day

  7. cnyrn RN

    I actually had an argument with a family member who screamed at me that her father wasn’t getting his pain meds. I asked the patient “Are you in pain” he said “No”. The daughter insisted “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about” This went on for like 5 minutes and finally the patient said ‘Ok give me the pills. She says I need them” I again asked “Are you in pain” He said “No but she won’t leave me alone unless I take them” I refused to give them to him and told her if she had any problems to talk to my manager…and spell my name right!

  8. LPN

    the patient that was trying to nap with his son in his bed and complained about all the noise required to take care of the other patient in the room that just had a TURP

  9. rene4968

    The daughter who walked her mother up and down the hall with just her shirt and underwear

  10. newbieRN

    The patient’s family who brought in a 6-pack of beer to celebrate his liver transplant….cuz he’d had to stay sober for so long

  11. rnbsn12

    I once had a patient with 10 family memebers visiting. The niece then proceeded to raid the fridge and drinks all night. The worst pay is when her phone died she went behind a closed curtain to the points roommate and told the other lady she needed to use her charger, unplugged it and took it over to get chair and used it. When I asked for it back on behalf of the patient, she said to me ” oh does she need this?” I bit my tongue from saying no, shenwas psychic and knew tou would be here and need a charger. I told the patient rommate i would not have let her use thay and she told me that she was not given a choice.

  12. Catherine Mitchell

    The 3 visitors that came in to visit, only 1 had a pair of shoes on. I wouldn’t let them in without any footwear, so they took turns wearing the shoes and visiting the patient.

  13. kirtanjunkie

    The family members who were giving each other haircuts in the waiting room while the patient was in labor

  14. Sam Whitehair

    The friends who bought in all foods high in sugar and carbs for The patient who was admitted to their control diabetes.

  15. Cocoyaknow123

    The pt on 5L of O2 who has her family sneak her in cigarettes and threatens to leave AMA… Be my guest!

  16. liverpool22

    The wife who came in & started shaving her paraplegic husbands hair to get him ready for his daughters wedding.

  17. Julia Willingham

    The patient who came in repeatedly with a huge extended family. They went all over the hospital and the hospital police had to follow them around because things came up missing when they were around ( the nurse’s purses etc.) They took off their clothes and took baths in the fountain in front of the hospital and washed their clothes. This patient came in several tines a year, and everyone prayed they would be off then.

  18. Pipestone

    The severe stroke patient’s wife who went home for 5 hours to “clean up”, came back and asked for towels, face clothes and shampoo so she could use the patient’s bathroom to shower. Hello Hotel Hospital!

  19. cindyrn54

    A pt had cellulitis, from heroin addiction. The pts girlfriend was visiting. I (nurse) was taking pictures of the pts wounds. I set the camera down in a chair and dressed the wounds. When I went to get the camera, the camera and the girlfriend were gone.

  20. Wonder Woman

    Worst visitor EVER: the very drunk daughter who spent 3 hours lying in bed with her DEAD father all the while screaming to the top of her lungs and crying. She was supposed to be caring for a special needs adult so she brought him with her and left him in the car the whole time!!!! I had to make her go get him out and bring him in.

  21. ilovenursing

    I think I have your all topped ! Yrs. ago I entered a room to see my male pts. being given oral sex from his girlfriend. He had a foley cath in.

  22. newnurse1093

    The daughter of a post cabg patient WITH endocarditis who comes in kisses her father on the lips amd them feeds him jelly.. When he drops some from his mouth it shall not be wasted! She picks it up and eats it.. Every time.. even when it lands on his genetals.. i was too nauseous to begin education on infection control!

  23. Misslisajf

    The visitor who faked a cardiac arrest. We coded him and sent him home.

  24. Misslisajf

    The visitor who had a seizure while injecting drugs into his friend’s cvp line. When the visitor feel backwards, he was still gripping the cvp line and pulled it out.


    The holiday family that visits only on christmas and think that their parents are dying. Not knowing their mother was just in 3 days ago and her labs have improved and she actually looks alot better.