Top 10 worst hospital visitors – Part II


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We certainly opened a can of worms with the first part of this series, which chronicled everything from a family member who snuck in cats to visit his asthmatic mother to a husband who fell asleep in the patient’s bed while she was in the bathroom.

Here are 10 more patient visitor antics that are too good not to be true.

10. The girlfriend who came to visit her boyfriend with her little girl. She left her daughter with her boyfriend (the patient) while she went shopping.

—Submitted by Missbette

9. The girlfriend who comes and stays over and thinks what she’s “got” is better than what we’re doing for the boyfriend…wink, wink…ALL NIGHT LONG!
—Submitted by Kimmie

8. Visitors who eat in front of patients who are “NPO” have BAD MANNERS! Some people just weren’t raised right!
—Submitted by Granny RN

7. The visitor who came in barefoot and without a bra. “Swinging” the DD “sisters” while walking is a bad fashion “don’t.”
—Submitted by Granny RN

6. The daughter who had a “juicer” and brought in some green stuff she wanted to add to Mama’s tube feeding.
—Submitted by Granny RN

5. The visitor who had a black thong ABOVE her khakis whose butt was aimed at the patients’ door.
—Submitted by Granny RN

4. The friend who snuck in marijuana and alcohol to the trauma patient who was hospitalized because he caused an accident while driving his car the wrong way on a divided road while drunk.
—Submitted by Ghisty

3. The family member who was trying to feed her unconscious family member because it had been hours since he last ate. And he needed nutrition to get better.
—Submitted by Deb

2. The significant other who climbed into bed to snuggle with the trauma patient…and then complained of all the pain the patient was in.
—Submitted by Grace

1. The family who moved into the patient’s room and CLEANED OUT the patient’s kitchen, just like locusts.
—Submitted by Shauna

Tell us—what are some of the worst visitor antics you’ve ever seen?

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