Top 5 Most Romantic Getaways to Have an Elopement Ceremony (On a Budget)

Celebrate Your Marriage for Less with These Cost-Saving Destinations

Getting married is a cause for celebration, but it might be cheaper to elope with your romantic partner instead of throwing a massive formal affair. If you’re looking to save money on your wedding while still creating a memorable experience, you can jet off to a romantic destination for some sightseeing and a well-deserved vacation as you celebrate your love. Book one of these destinations to save money on your big day.


1. Maui

We recently spoke to Amy Jayne, a professional photographer in Maui, about eloping on a budget in Maui. She says, “this tropical island in Hawaii is the perfect wedding getaway. What surprises people is that it’s much more affordable than most think, and lots of the scenic venues are just stunning. Really, you get to spend every day in paradise!” Maui is known for its sandy white beaches, remote locations, majestic waterfalls. At number one, we couldn’t imagine a more picturesque location to elope.


2. Olympic National Park

If you and your soulmate love an outdoor adventure, make your way up north to Olympic National Park in Northeast Washington state. It’s filled with gorgeous vistas that overlook the mountains, lots of wildlife and endless trails. From camping to a log cabin wedding, you’ll feel right at home in this natural setting. Try to elope during the summer when the weather is a little more hospitable.


3. Colorado Springs

Looking for an escape from reality? Come to the springs of Colorado where you’ll find panoramic views of the Rockies, expansive natural parks, and some much-needed peace and quiet. It’s the perfect place to spend some alone time with your significant other. You don’t have to worry about large crowds or noisy neighbors. Just sit back and enjoy the refreshing mountain air.


4. Bali

Looking to get out of the country? Getting tickets to Bali can vary quite a bit, but to elope in this exotic country can be quite cheap. Don’t let the prices fool you though, Bali has some of the most picturesque landscape in the world. From jaw-dropping Bali cliff weddings to pristine sandy white beaches, eloping here has some of the most affordable and beautiful venues in the world!


5. The Finger Lakes

Head to Upstate New York for a lazy vacation by the water. The Finger Lakes are filled with lush scenery, historic lodges and some awesome lakes for more fun in the sun. This is a great alternative to more costly destinations like Cancun, Las Vegas and the cities of Europe. You’ll have plenty of space to celebrate your new life together without all the noise and congestion of a major urban city.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate the love of your life. Choose a low-cost destination for your elopement ceremony and bring some great friends and family along for the ride. Live out your romantic dream elopement with these incredibly beautiful getaways!

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