Top 5 tax-time complaints from nurses—answered!


2. Why does that nurse get travel deductions?

“My wife’s a nurse…uniforms and equipment are no question, but we debate over the cell phone expenses,” remarks Tony Montcalm, member of the Administration team at Tanner Health System. The deductions for which you may qualify are unique to your professional role and to your filing status. Travel nurse expenses, contract employment or required continuing education create very different tax landscapes than the school nurse interviewed in Montana with one W-2 and no professional expenses. Even if you don’t itemize deductions, some expenses may qualify for “unreimbursed employee expenses” (known in tax jargon as “2106s”). Tax forms are the only thing about filing that’s one size fits all. To discover what will work for you, spend some time at Check out IRS publications 529 and 463. Also search the “individual” and “small business” tabs from the IRS home page. You can learn and share at the tax blog: Put your specialty or designation into a search engine to find discover insights matching your role. You’ll find places with specific tax resources, like

Is itemizing worth it? –>

Carlos Navarro
Carlos Navarro is a cofounder of When he and his partners began forming their company, they sought to create a single, comprehensive site where nurses could access tax-related information made relevant to their profession and then use that information to file their tax returns.

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