Top 5 things to know when job hunting as a new graduate nurse

  1. Make sure your resume is on point!

Having a resume that catches your employers eye is key. Start working on your resume while you are still in school and have it ready by the time you graduate. Keep it simple, don’t make it a million pages long. Highlight what makes you different from all the other applicants, as Latinos we are blessed with the ability to speak two languages, use that to your advantage.


  1. Be Bachelor ready.

Many nurses are graduating with their BSN but some of us are graduating as ADN’s, this doesn’t make us any less of a nurse and doesn’t determine how successful we will be in our careers, but employers are looking for someone who is looking to grow and continue their education. If you are an ADN make yourself more marketable by continuing your education, start out by enrolling in classes before you start interviewing if your situation permits it.


  1. Network, Network, Network!

Something I’ve often heard in this career is, “this business is all about who you know.” This is partially true, getting a job as a nurse can be extremely competitive especially in larger cities, so it is important to network. These days we have access to social media like Instagram and Facebook, use these tools wisely, this is a big way to help you stay connected with your fellow nurses. These connections can be the key to you landing your dream job.


  1. Kill it in clinicals.

Think of your clinicals as a working interview, many of my colleagues have been hired because they killed it at clinicals. Don’t be that nursing student that sits at the nurse’s station all day on their phone, dive into the experience even if scares you, the people working by your side will notice this and may even offer you a job.


  1. Presentation

When you finally get the interview you’ve been waiting for, dress professionally. Don’t show up in jeans and flip flops or looking like you’re ready to hit the club, which I have personally seen during my interviewing process. Dressing well shows your interviewer that you care and that you made an effort. Looking a hot mess will just make the employer assume you will be a mess at work too, and no one likes a messy nurse.

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