Top 6 MOST Beautiful and Historic Venues in the US to Host a Holiday Extravaganza in 2018

Throw the Perfect Holiday Party at One of These Luxurious Venues

‘Tis the season to host the ultimate holiday event. The U.S. is full of stunning, historic event venues that are sure to take your guests’ breath away. From old factories to renovated churches, these notable destinations have everything you need to host a holiday party, wedding, or family reunion. Find the best event space for your next holiday extravaganza with these historic venues.

Ebell of Santa Ana

Nothing will charm your guests like the Ebell of Santa Ana, a Spanish revival venue just outside of Anaheim. Built in 1924, this stunning architectural space was once used as a women’s education and philanthropy facility, but today, it’s known as one of the most elegant venues in Southern California. It has everything you need for your next special event including an open courtyard, a large banquet room, and a theater for performances and lectures. Take and tour and discover arched doorways, classic Spanish tile, sprawling oak trees, and high beam ceilings. And it’s linked to one of the best catering companies in Orange County.

Marigny Opera House

Originally known as the Holy Trinity Catholic Church and founded in 1847, the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans, Louisiana has evolved considerably over the years. Today, it’s become one of the most esteemed performance and event venues in the city. The church closed in 1997 and has since become a non-denominational venue for artists, weddings and other gatherings. You’ll find open-concept floor plans with massive archways, colorful tile flooring, and worn-down white stone.

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

Once a simple boarding house, the Mission Inn has become one of the most notable historic destinations in all of Southern California. Known for its Spanish Mission-style architecture, the Inn features several upscale dining rooms, conference rooms, and a large banquet room with stained-glass windows and chandelier lighting. Once the event is over, you can always book a room in the inn or treat yourself to a day at the spa.

The Turnbull

Nothing screams the holidays like this massive hardwood venue space in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It’s full of southern history, once the site of one of the largest ice cream manufacturers in the country. But today, the building shines as an all-inclusive event space with its high ceilings, exposed brick and flowing natural light. Those stunning hardwood beams seem to go on for miles, giving you plenty of space to host a festive banquet dinner or a holiday reunion.

The Manor House

Located in the heart of Colorado, the Manor House delivers astounding views of the local mountains and valleys, designer furniture and Colonial-style architecture. It was once owned by the Shaffers, one of the wealthiest families in the country, and has since blossomed into a stunning event venue donned with mirrored fireplaces, an open dining room with panoramic views, and some monumental white pillars out front. Some of the biggest movers and shakers, including some former U.S. presidents, have stayed at the Manor House, and now, so can you.

The Lake Erie Building

If you’re in the Midwest, bring your holiday get-together to this historic factory building that sits right on the lake. Today, it’s used as an office space, workout studio, arts facility and a winery, but it was once used to manufacture Templar Motor Cars. As an event space, the building is known for its classic industrial style with open ceilings, factory-style windows, and handcrafted furniture.

Add some history to your next event and rent one of these remarkable venues today!

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