Top 7 crazy nursing news items of 2012


Every year, millions of nurses all over the world go about their valuable work without significant incident. Many distinguish themselves with exceptional service and acts of heroism. However…

Remember when you went out with your friends as a teenager and your mother used to say she didn’t want to open the newspaper and read about you the next day? This is the kind of stuff she was talking about—only worse. We’ve picked the top seven to highlight just how crazy nurses can get (nobody you know though, right??) when they go over to the dark side. Make sure you’re sitting down for this one!

1. False Negative
A drug-addicted nurse in Australia is trapped in the web of lies she created to conceal her heroin habit. She claimed her first positive urine test was due to a drink-spiking episode. Then, she somehow accessed and altered the results of a second urine test to show it was negative for cannabis. Now, she faces the consequences of being caught and even harsher penalties for the attempted cover-up. In addition to having her license suspended, she’ll have to pay back more than $10,000 for the Medicaid billing and disability insurance fraud that funded her drug use. She’ll undergo counseling and training as part of her punishment. Let’s hope she can afford to go to rehab as well.

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4 Responses to Top 7 crazy nursing news items of 2012

  1. angeltinks RN

    I feel I must say something in defence of Australian nurses as our governing body is very strict and these two isolated cases are not indicative of the dedicated ,committed and caring professional nurses here.

  2. Ausnurse

    As an Australian nurse and midwife, I find these “news items” offensive and derogatory. The Australian regulatory body is strict and fair and these fictitious stories are close to slander. The profession I work in is hardworking, dedicated, highly skilled. The unethical nurses and midwives are by far the majority and dealt with swiftly by our regulatory body AHPRA. You would do a lot better to use your magazine to promote the profession from a basis of evidence and not anecdote. That’s my personal opinion for what it’s worth and I’m not sure I’ll bother reader your “magazine” again.

    • Ausnurse

      Excuse me – The unethical nurses and midwives are by far the MINORITY….

  3. Granny RN RN

    How in hell did a donor’s kidney get from an operating room into a bag of ice headed for a dirty utility room?
    Was not the recipient already in the adjoining OR ready to receive the organ?