Top 7 crazy nursing news items of 2012

2. Don’t Lie on Your Résumé
Apparently, you can procure and use illegal drugs, work as a nurse with a suspended license and steal more than 10 grand in Australia and still just get sentenced to counseling. But if you fudge your qualifications on a job application in the UK, you go straight to the slammer. An NHS nurse was sentenced to 15 months behind bars in September for making wildly fictitious CV claims over the seven years he worked as a nurse in Great Britain. Afghan refugee Abdul Pirzada claimed to have worked for the UN and the French Red Cross, as well as having been a registered dentist in Pakistan. Getting the truth out of this guy has been like pulling teeth!

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4 Responses to Top 7 crazy nursing news items of 2012

  1. angeltinks

    I feel I must say something in defence of Australian nurses as our governing body is very strict and these two isolated cases are not indicative of the dedicated ,committed and caring professional nurses here.

  2. Ausnurse

    As an Australian nurse and midwife, I find these “news items” offensive and derogatory. The Australian regulatory body is strict and fair and these fictitious stories are close to slander. The profession I work in is hardworking, dedicated, highly skilled. The unethical nurses and midwives are by far the majority and dealt with swiftly by our regulatory body AHPRA. You would do a lot better to use your magazine to promote the profession from a basis of evidence and not anecdote. That’s my personal opinion for what it’s worth and I’m not sure I’ll bother reader your “magazine” again.

    • Ausnurse

      Excuse me – The unethical nurses and midwives are by far the MINORITY….

  3. Granny RN

    How in hell did a donor’s kidney get from an operating room into a bag of ice headed for a dirty utility room?
    Was not the recipient already in the adjoining OR ready to receive the organ?