Top 7 crazy nursing news items of 2012

6. But I Lurve Him!
A nurse in New Zealand will have to pay for a supervisor to monitor her at work for 12 months after she was caught having an affair with a patient’s husband. The nurse apparently still sees nothing unethical about the arrangement. She reportedly told the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal that she did not believe her relationship with the man would have affected his wife’s care or rehabilitation. No news on whether or not the wife believed this statement.

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4 Responses to Top 7 crazy nursing news items of 2012

  1. angeltinks RN

    I feel I must say something in defence of Australian nurses as our governing body is very strict and these two isolated cases are not indicative of the dedicated ,committed and caring professional nurses here.

  2. Ausnurse

    As an Australian nurse and midwife, I find these “news items” offensive and derogatory. The Australian regulatory body is strict and fair and these fictitious stories are close to slander. The profession I work in is hardworking, dedicated, highly skilled. The unethical nurses and midwives are by far the majority and dealt with swiftly by our regulatory body AHPRA. You would do a lot better to use your magazine to promote the profession from a basis of evidence and not anecdote. That’s my personal opinion for what it’s worth and I’m not sure I’ll bother reader your “magazine” again.

    • Ausnurse

      Excuse me – The unethical nurses and midwives are by far the MINORITY….

  3. Granny RN RN

    How in hell did a donor’s kidney get from an operating room into a bag of ice headed for a dirty utility room?
    Was not the recipient already in the adjoining OR ready to receive the organ?