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Are you a nurse looking for a job? Do you want to stand out in the crowd of other nursing applicants? Take these courses and list them on your resume to bump up your hiring appeal!




1. Support for the Shift Worker

Why is this course listed for those seeking jobs? Well, since your schedule isn’t crammed with work hours, now may be the time to take care of your personal health that’s been neglected. Prepare yourself to reenter the hectic rat race by cementing healthy habits, improving sleep and nutrition, and finding mental balance. Focus on re-energizing yourself so that you can be ready to meet new challenges!

2. National Patient Safety Goals

Ever wondered what the Joint Commission’s latest patient safety goals are? Increase your regulation savvy for hand washing, home oxygen, suicidal patients and more through this course. When you inform a potential employer that you support these patient safety goals, the employer just might give you a second look.

3. Influenza Pandemic

Flu season is a big deal, causing misery and lost work hours year after year. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus, and learn how to utilize best clinical practices to reduce transmission among patients.

4. Emergency Preparedness

National emergencies and bioterrorism are hot topics these days, and knowing how to handle both will pay off. Remember the nurses rescuing patients from New York hospitals during Hurricane Sandy? Nurses, whether employed or not, are invaluable during disaster recovery in any country. Increase your confidence and clinical skills through this course so your patients can receive the best care possible during a crisis.

5. Bioterrorism

Nurses well-versed in addressing bioterrorism situations are highly valued by employers today. This course outlines the most common agents used in bioterrorism and measures to take when dealing with exposure of patients and staff.

Has continuing education provided you with that extra “spark” that makes potential employers take notice? Share with us in the comments!

Jessica Ellis
With experience in multiple specialties such as ER, ICU, CVICU, PACU, NICU and case management, Jessica has also been a key contributor for several of the world’s leading healthcare publishers. Jessica has been certified in CPR, BLS Instructor, PHTLS, ACLS, TNCC, CFRN, NRP, PALS and CPS. She previously functioned as an editor and contributor for, and an author/editor of numerous online nursing CEU courses for Coursepark. Jessica accepts ongoing professional nursing writing contracts for both authoring and editing from major textbook and online education publishers internationally.

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