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Licensed practical nurses (LPNs/LVNs) are the backbone of patient care in many facilities, and are often the first trained “eye” to notice patient abnormalities. Take your care to the next level of excellence by studying these courses that address the most common complications and disease processes in healthcare today.


1. Airway Management

Regardless of your degree or certification, airway management is essential. Patient airway complications can arise at any time. Do you know what to report and how to address those complications appropriately?

2. Fluid Balance and Hydration

The two basic principles of human health can be summed up very simply: Air goes in and out; blood goes ‘round and ‘round. A patient will have serious problems if something interrupts either of these processes. We’ve covered airway above; now we’ll cover circulation! Learn to recognize problems with hydration and fluid balance early to reduce risk of further complications.


This antibiotic-resistant infection no longer limits itself to hospitals and inpatient facilities. Be on the lookout for community-acquired MRSA as well as hospital-acquired MRSA, and know how to prevent transmission to yourself and others.

4. Elder Abuse

Elder abuse often goes unrecognized and is under-reported. Don’t miss the warning signs that may help you and your team prevent harm to one of our most vulnerable patient populations.

5. Diabetes Basics

Patient care for diabetics is anything but basic! Increase your participation in the planning, implementation and teaching phases for diabetic patients of all ages with this extensive course.

As an LPN, what other continuing education courses would you suggest for your coworkers? Tell us in the comments!

Jessica Ellis
With experience in multiple specialties such as ER, ICU, CVICU, PACU, NICU and case management, Jessica has also been a key contributor for several of the world’s leading healthcare publishers. Jessica has been certified in CPR, BLS Instructor, PHTLS, ACLS, TNCC, CFRN, NRP, PALS and CPS. She previously functioned as an editor and contributor for, and an author/editor of numerous online nursing CEU courses for Coursepark. Jessica accepts ongoing professional nursing writing contracts for both authoring and editing from major textbook and online education publishers internationally.

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