Training for preceptors


Nurse mentors and preceptors will become crucial and even more in demand as new nurses soon step in to fill the void left by retiring baby boomers. How has the role of preceptors changed in the past few decades?  Well, for one there are now training programs – hospital-based and online – in existence to aid preceptors.

“There has been an explosion of online precepting programs,” said Meg Gulanick, PhD, APRN, FAAN, a professor at Loyola University Chicago’s Niehoff School of Nursing in Maywood, Ill., and some nursing schools are turning to professional preceptors instead of the typical “clinical faculty” to guide undergraduate students. (

Find out how much a nurse is compensated for being a preceptor, the difference between preceptors and mentors and more in Nursezone’s new article, “Training the Trainers: Developing Today’s Nurse Preceptors and Mentors”.


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