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If your idea of a good day is one in which nobody’s being admitted with a fishing rod lodged in their torso and the sweet older gentleman with dementia was unable to escape for the 24th time, then a vacation isn’t just a welcome temporary “adieu”—it’s basic survival. And the more isolated and remote, the better.

Eager to help weary nurses along the path to rejuvenation, we trolled the Internet for vacation homes well suited to satisfying your unique nurse-on-the-run needs. You know, somewhere your manager can’t find you, because electricity isn’t a thing. Where there are no humans within a two-mile radius who might seek treatment for an ear infection or unexpectedly give birth. And, finally, somewhere impossibly peaceful, so you can check the box next to “sleep for 72 hours straight without interruption.”

While we could spend the better part of the day ogling vacation homes we wouldn’t mind visiting, we were able to shave a potentially endless list down to 10 options. Nurses—start packing.

1. Desperate for some peace and quiet so you can shift into full hibernation mode? Try this floating house in the northwest territory of Canada. Why? Because if any solicitor wants to come a-knockin’, they’re first going to need to acquire a plane to reach your front door.


2. And if you’re really serious about your “me” time, there’s this igloo in Austria, available for a whopping $66/night. Wi-fi most likely not included….


3. Prefer the warm-weather life? Fine—let’s talk tree houses in Costa Rica. We think we found just the right one:

Oh, and don’t worry—we’re told there’s free parking.


4. Seeking an ultra-relaxing experience that’s a bit more “feet on the ground”? This bamboo cottage in the rice fields of Indonesia is okay, we guess. And at $65 per night, you only have to sacrifice, like, three venti lattes to save up for it.


5. We know those 12-hour shifts can be suffocating, especially when you’re spending the majority of your waking hours under a fluorescent glow. Flip the script and log some serious time outdoors (even when you’re sleeping) with this part home, part bubble nestled in the wooded fields of Limousin, France.


6. You spend 90 percent of your time waiting on patients “hand and foot,” and you hardly ever get sassy. So, it’s only fair that when you’re on vacation, you’re treated like royalty by staff with gentle, British accents. In a castle.


7. But there’s also this Mongolian yurt in Germany, though.


8. We dare your particularly vocal charge nurse to try to find you here. (Bless you, Wyoming.)


9. Or here. Although he or she might be game for a trip to Spain….


10. And finally, because, well—duh.


So…where can we expect to (not) find you?

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