5 articles you can’t miss on toxic nursing

iStockphoto | ThinkStock
iStockphoto | ThinkStock

Feeling like someone at work is out to get you? Dealing more with politics than your patients? Are you a new nurse who can’t get anything right…at least, if your coworkers are to be believed?

You might be in a toxic work environment.

In the Spring 2014 issue, Scrubs magazine takes a look at some examples of toxic situations in the workplace and offers advice from a few experts. Online, we put together our top five articles on the subject in the pursuit of helping you overcome these harmful environments:

1. Take that! How I (kind of) defeated the nurse who is out to get me

2. How do I deal with nurse bullies?

3. 5 types of difficult coworkers!

4. Is nursing school built to “break us down” rather than “build us up?”

5. How to deal with an unreasonable boss

All of our articles on this subject can be found here: “Nurses Eating Their Young.

Have you ever worked in a toxic environment? Tell us about your experience and how you coped in the comments below.

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