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Video: A tribute to nurses through the ages




Ready to talk a walk down memory lane and celebrate your profession?

A nurse and YouTube user had the awesome idea to compile tons of inspirational images of nurses through the ages and set it to music for a video tribute to her profession. She wrote of the video:

“Sometimes putting their lives on the line during war and peace time, nurses bring comfort to the sick and wounded, and sometimes that ‘motherly’ touch that is so often needed. On the homefront, they care for family members and offer advice to friends. They hold onto traditions and learn from people such as Florence Nightingale, Dorothea Dix, and many others. Their programs in college are generally extremely difficult, filled with grueling front loading, stricter grade guidelines, and often late night clinicals and lab experiences. Perfection is commonly the rule, as life in the hospital does not allow room for error. It can cost a life.”

She continues, “Nurses commonly take the brunt of the rude physician, stressed and angry family members, and sick patients who feel they have given up and need extra encouragement. They care for patients in ways that many would find gross. They know the brand name, generic name, classification, common doses, uses, and side effects for an amazing number of medications. They strain muscles and have even broken bones caring for patients. They have worked themselves to tearful exhaustion doing chest compressions on a patient they’ve grown fond of. They have held a child in pain, held a mother who just lost a child, and have even attended funerals of patients they’ve lost.”

Can we get an amen?! Watch the video here:

Have you seen any sweet videos dedicated to or about nurses recently? Share the link and how you stumbled across it in the comments below!

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