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Video: Another “Gangnam Style” parody…this time for OBGYN nurses


After creating a “Gangnam Style” parody by and for OBGYN doctors and nurses, Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Canada posted the video to YouTube. Unfortunately, the hospital later took the video down because of complaints from Humanize Birth, a group that identifies itself as an advocate for women’s rights in childbirth.
Many medical media outlets and medical professionals spoke out about how hilarious the video was, but the situation brings into question exactly how healthcare providers can and should use social media. Maybe the actual video isn’t inappropriate, but perhaps a hospital shouldn’t be posting parody videos on its official outlets.

“People from other obstetrical units were writing in and saying they enjoyed it and that it allowed them to take a light look at their jobs which can sometimes be a little stressful,” said Craig Duhamel, vice president of communications at the hospital. “We certainly didn’t want to upset anyone — it wasn’t our intention at all. While the overwhelming majority of people liked it, there were a few who were upset by it and we wanted to respect their feelings.”

He told The Star that the students who made the video (from the University of Toronto) won’t face any punishment from the hospital. “It’s a fairly intense environment. We have the largest critical care capacity in the country and it can be quite a difficult place to work at times. If they can ease the stress by having a little bit of fun — I don’t see any harm in it,” said Duhamel, noting they would be more cautious in the future.

 posted it on AllNurses, where it was a hit. “So this is so funny… this was made at a hospital in Canada and it’s been all over the news because some people are too sensitive and found it incorrect,” she wrote. “I thought it was hilarious!”

Check out the parody below (we think it’s pretty funny!) and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Psstt… see New Zealand nurses do their version here.

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