WATCH: Cancer patient enrolled in nursing school to help fight pediatric cancer

After graduating from high school, while on a missions trip in Kenya, Kayla Perry began having odd symptoms and was forced to return home early. Upon arriving back in the States, and after a series of scans and tests, Kayla found out she has stage IV neuroblastoma. She received chemo, radiation, a bone marrow transplant and immunotherapy, but the cancer continued to grow.

Now, she’s focused on maintaing the disease instead of fighting it. She isn’t sure how long she’ll live, but she’s aiming to make the most of her life…by studying to become a nurse.

Inspired yet? Just wait. Not only is Kayla enrolled at Auburn University in their nursing program, but she has also taken on a personal goal of raising as much money as possible for pediatric cancer. Her advocacy—Open Hands, Overflowing Hearts—has raised more than $50,000 for research.

She talks about this and more in the moving video below:

Follow Kayla’s journey on her Facebook page and/or official website.

Are you tearing up yet?! In the comments below, share your own story of how you came to nursing and what the profession means to you.

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One Response to WATCH: Cancer patient enrolled in nursing school to help fight pediatric cancer

  1. Karen Anderson

    Love what I have read on my break tonight, and between charting, etc.Always wanted to be a nurse, even while I was a school music teacher. I was in nursing school, when my marriage fell apart. That was 25 years ago.I was in the RN program. Without my knowledge, my ex sent a letter of resignation to my school. I have been trying to finish for 25yrs.,but kids, money, and now respiratory.failure has stopped me. I have about 3 or 4 classes left. I am too sick to work and go to school, and financially can’t quit. My 33y.o.daughter Has Addison’s and a brain tumor. She has a 4y.o. Autistic daughter. I have been caring for both of them. I always promised myself that I would not die an LPN ; I had to have my RN. I don’t know which will win. Tonight, I am wondering if I can make it until 7am. Thank you for your great publication!