Video: A skit about difficult patients!

If you haven’t been following Heather Dryver’s YouTube videos, you’re really missing out! Good thing it’s never too late to catch up on a good thing. The video embedded here is a skit Dryver acted out with a friend acting as her patient.

First, she shows what a lot of your patients will be like–warm, understanding and generally affable. Then she quickly shows some slightly more annoyed patients, something you’ll definitely witness from time to time. Then, of course, she shows us the truly dreaded patient…the one you’ll never please, no matter what you do. It’s not exactly rolling-on-the-floor hysterics, but its realness had us shaking our heads and chuckling along.

Even if skits or patient humor aren’t exactly you’re thing, you should still definitely check out Dryver’s channel as most of her videos actually feature her personal advice on everything from whether you should be an RN or LPN to what to do when patients overstep boundaries. She’s sweet, smart and to-the-point. Scrubs approved!

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