Video: Empowering the nursing image

For one of her finals, Boise State University nursing student Kaylee Humphrey made a video about the way nurses are normally depicted in movies, TV and the media versus how they should be seen. This is a hot-button topic among nurses, and it’s awesome to see a student tackle it in such a smart way.

Throughout the video, she asks people on the street and in her life what they think about nurses–what they do, their purpose at a hospital and whether or not they like them–and intersperses the interviews with clips from popular movies and TV shows. She then ends with a powerful Johnson & Johnson ad that portrays the importance of the nursing profession.

Watch the video here:

Nurses, tell us what you think about the video in the comments below! And be sure to let us know about your favorite inspirational nurse videos, too.

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One Response to Video: Empowering the nursing image

  1. Candice Smith

    This is truly the most touching expression i’ve seen on the internet.