Video: Father of the bride (a nurse!) gives touching wedding speech

Happy Father’s Day…you’d better get your tissues out before watching this sweet video!
A popular YouTube video is making the rounds again this year (it originally popped up last spring), in which a happy dad gives his daughter away and then makes an amazing speech full of advice and kind words for his daughter’s fiancé. Best part? The bride, as it turns out, is a nurse!

He starts by explaining his daughter’s best qualities and then explains that he knew something was missing from her life, so he prayed that she would be happy — and then shortly after she met her husband. Aww!

“You see that look on her face? I never saw that until she met you,” he says to the groom. “Today I’m giving you the best thing I have to give. And I just wanted you to know before I do that, how hard me and God have worked to get her ready … don’t screw it up.”

Watch the entire speech in the video below:

Nurses, what do you think of this sweet speech? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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