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Video: Lessons on nursing


We were thrilled to hit the homepage of Nurse Stephen, who has more than 25 videos where he discusses his career in nursing, gives advice and sometimes even has “lessons” and giveaways. Preach on, brother!
Our favorite of the videos (and the most popular, by a landslide) is entitled “What I Have Learned From Nursing.” Here are a few of his words of wisdom, but be sure to click on the video below to see for yourself. Just make sure you have some tissues handy.

  • “Patients will teach you more about nursing than you will ever teach them.”
  • “Nursing is one of the most respected occupations yet we get mocked, abused and discredited regularly.”
  • “While pain is subjective, nurses can spot a ‘pain baby’ a mile away.”

Top YouTube comment: “That was the best video I ever saw about nursing–it made me laugh, cry, and truly appreciate that I am A NURSE.” — cpnepreparation

What do you think of Stephen’s message? Be sure to share your favorite inspirational nursing videos in the comments!

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