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Video: “Nursing is love” – nursing at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


iStockphoto | ThinkStock

iStockphoto | ThinkStock

“Nursing is a blend of art and science; it is caring and compassion embodied.” This sweet video made by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia gives an inside look into the world of nursing and its many challenges and tough dichotomies. While many see nurses as the sweet, positive faces of the hospital, it’s important for patients to know that you’ve always got a vast intellect at work as well.

A flurry of images and quotes, this video is both informative and inspiring for nurses and patients alike. Check it out below:

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the video:

“The most effective educator is the bedside nurse. And the most effective researcher can be the bedside nurse. That’s the science which is often hidden under the caring.”

“It is critical that the nurse has excellent communication skills because often they pick up subtleties that no one else would see. When something’s not right, you know it, and you can put that together and convey that in a way to the rest of the team that creates action.”

“You will never stop learning because science is always changing. We clearly have to look at more efficient and effective ways to educate new nurses coming into the system.”

“You have a professional responsibility to the children that we take care of to share your work so that others might benefit from it. When you go out to a national conference, people listen to us. They want to hear what it is that we have to say.”

What other awesome nurse related videos have you seen lately? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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