Video: Nursing student wins $100,000 for tuition in a college football halftime contest


Dr. Pepper recently held a tuition giveaway contest in which students submitted videos on YouTube explaining why they deserved to win the $100,000 scholarship money. One of the entrants? Nursing student Molly Brown, hoping to win the money and help put herself through nursing school.

On her entry form, she wrote “The pride I hold in saying, ‘I’m going to college to become a pediatric nurse,’ is unmeasurable. My desire of becoming a nurse came from visiting cancer pediatric patients in the hospital and realizing the huge impact a nurse makes on the little patients. I know this is my calling, I will be the difference by touching lives every day!”

Watch her entry video here:

Along with one other finalist, Molly got the opportunity to compete in a football toss at the halftime show of the Big Ten Championship college game on December 7. And she won! As FOX News wrote, “Molly Brown of North Canton, Ohio, stole the show at halftime of Saturday’s Big Ten Championship game on FOX, winning the passing accuracy challenge with a brilliant strategy — looking like she was playing Pop-a-Shot at Dave and Buster’s.”

Watch her win the toss (and talk about her nursing dreams!) here:

Go, Molly! Have you seen any inspirational nursing videos lately? Share them with us in the comments below!

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