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Video: The hilarious British nursing show, “No Angels”


While there have certainly been many memorable nursing characters on TV and even a few shows that star a nurse (hey, Nurse Jackie!), there are few shows that have ever really centered on the lives of nurses. Our favorite, the British giggle fest No Angels, ran for three seasons between 2004-2006 in the UK. Though it never aired in the US, it has been released on DVD and can be found online for purchase. If you’ve yet to stumble upon it, we’re thrilled to give you an intro!
Here’s one of our favorite short clips:

The critically acclaimed show centers on four nurses in the city of Leeds. Showing nurses’ lives both in and out of the hospital and billed as a “romantic dramedy,” the show was almost entirely filmed on-location at an old hospital in Leeds itself.

Let us know in the comments if you’re a fan already and if not, if you’ll be planning to check it out now!

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