WATCH: The undeniable privilege of being a nurse

In the middle of the night, veteran nurse Mary Dee Hacker was called in to a code. When she got there, she recognized the faces of the physicians – they were the ones she had trained to perform CPR. Now they were giving her orders.

Find out what she discovered that night.

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Have you ever had a moment like this?

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2 Responses to WATCH: The undeniable privilege of being a nurse

  1. vuvu53

    The video above speaks volumes. I myself have often been asked the same question. Why didn’t you become a Doctor. This video say’s it all. In my career, I got the opportunity to hold many hands. Bring comfort to many. Memories that will last a lifetime. Good and bad. But memories of a meaningful career. Although now retired, my mind is still as crisp as the day I graduated and much more. I have learned and continue to learn so much. I think that a Nurse who is truly dedicated to her/his profession, have a very special quality that physicians simply do not have. Compassion can not be taught, only expirience and love for what you do can afford you that. And by the way, I wore my cap until the day I retired. I was teased and ribbed about it from many, but eventually won their respect. More importantly, the respect of the patients I cared for.

  2. frkgrl

    People have often asked me why I chose to become a nurse. I tell them I didn’t choose nursing, nursing chose me, and I am forever honored to be a part of that calling.