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Video: “Up” by Shania Twain, nursing school style


You may remember a great video we posted called “Footloose, nursing school style.” In it, a group of Baylor nursing students gave a fun and comical glimpse into the lives of nurses, set to the song “Footloose.” Well, that same group of students produced another video that we wanted to share with you today! This one is set to “Up!” a country single by Shania Twain.
Watch the full video here:

Per their YouTube page:

Just to clarify, yes . . .
. . . that is our Dean
. . . our backpacks get that heavy
. . . it is entirely possible to trip up the stairs
. . . the door really is that hard to open
. . . Terrel is a looong way away, especially at five in the morning
. . . the printer is that frustrating
. . . Troy Aikman does have his face plastered across the wall of one of the hospitals where we had clinical
. . . Nursing Process is that – umm, nevermind
. . . our faculty are that cool
Don’t you wish you went to Baylor?

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