Wanna Be An Influencer? Here’s 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong


Thanks to instagram (yes, just instagram) everyone is a comedian, photographer, or influencer. We mean that with the greatest of intentions, because the world is now connecting in a new way. But over saturation is a real thing. Literally everyone has something to say, so how do you stand out from the crowd? Unfortunately, a lot of instagram stars are getting lost in the crowd, and that includes Nurse influencers. Here’s some tips that talent agencies, publishers and brands are noticing as big no nos. Are you making these mistakes?

  1. Don’t Buy Followers.This should be obvious but we know quite a few large nurse influencers out there that have fake followers. How do we know? We’re analyzing you using software that’s easily available on the internet. Your following may look impressive, but advertisers go for engagement. Remember fam, its quality over quantity. Take @UnboxedMom for instance, her follower base is lower of that than some other big stars, but her posts are engaging, so much so that @kiaMotors are sponsoring her.
  2. Stop Tagging Every Brand Under the Sun.We get it, you want maximum visibility, but you’re diminishing the quality by trying to just get the word out to everyone possible. You sound fake. We also don’t want to see a ton of tags in the same place so we can’t see who else you’ve tagged. You may be tagging two competitors without even realizing it, and brands just won’t touch you.
  3. No Loyalty.Sure, getting paid a few bucks to promote a scrub top sounds tempting, but remember, loyalty is key. Can you leverage your loyalty by staying true to one brand? Make connections in the company, give back before you take and you’ll reap the benefits in time.
  4. Give a Little, Take a Lot.Calm down Stella, you have 3,000 followers! Come down from that high horse before your ego gets the better of you. If we can count the times a Nurse with 500 followers has asked us to ‘reach out to their rep’ we’d close the magazine and go home rich. Humility and staying humble is one of the key traits of being a good influencer, and scoring points with brands.
  5. Commitment is key.Similar to the above, we’ve had influencers reach out wanting to write for our magazine, sure we say, but whether we actually receive that article is another thing. If you’re gonna get involved with a brand, publisher or even posting to your audience, make sure you finish what you start. There’s nothing worse than promising and under-delivering.

What are some of the things you feel influencers could be doing better?

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