WATCH: “A Nurse I Am” part II

Here, the second of two parts of A Nurse I Am…one of the more inspiring films we’ve seen at Scrubs Magazine.

If you’ve ever had friends or family who ask, “What’s it really like to be a nurse?” or “How do you handle the day to day stress of it all?” forward them this link (along with Part 1).

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5 Responses to WATCH: “A Nurse I Am” part II

  1. Stephen Tolbert /PCT

    Thank you for such an inspiring and touching video. It really makes you feel and realize how important you are to the patients you take care of. I am so proud I chose healthcare as my career.

  2. Mylene Apigo

    i commend your efforts for this video. It provided good insights for my family members taking nursing as their career. It showed that being a nurse takes a lot of patience. a big heart to care for sick patients, their families and yourself too. Thank you very much.

  3. Courtney

    It’s ironic that movies that have high quality content, morality and general downright usefulness to mankind are so much less viewed, lower budgeted and less found. as a nurse i find that to nurture myself or others i must seek out these things. I work in mental health. my hope it that i help people to learn to nurture themselves by seeking out quality of body, mind and spirit. I pray that they WILL strive and try, which will make it all (all the stress, change, etc…. very much worth the effort and sacrifice.

  4. judytoy

    Part 2 of A Nurse I Am stops at 4 minutes and goes back to the beginning. Is there someone who can fix the video to play the entire part 2?