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WATCH: “A Nurse I Am”


Here, the first of two parts of A Nurse I Am…one of the more inspiring films we’ve seen at Scrubs Magazine. If you’ve ever had friends or family who ask, “What’s it really like to be a nurse?” or “How do you handle the day to day stress of it all?” forward them this link.
A Nurse I Am was produced by Emmy Award-winning director David Hoffman for nurses and nursing students as a response to the alarming trend of nurses leaving the profession within their first few years in practice.

Primarily geared towards students (but enjoyable for anyone!), it features four nursing role models — nurses who are competent and compassionate and have a deep commitment to their patients and to their profession.

See Part 1:

Go to Part 2.

Once you’ve watched both parts of A Nurse I Am, you should nominate someone for the Inspired Comfort Award.

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WATCH: “A Nurse I Am” part II

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