WATCH: A patient’s musical tribute to nurses


When Pete Dowan, a songwriter and frequent hospital patient, sent us his musical tribute to nurses, we knew we had to share it! Watch the video he dedicates to all the ladies and men in white (and all the scrubs colors of the rainbow)!

Since 1983 I have been in and out of hospitals more times than I’d like to remember. A few years ago, upon returning home from one of those “visits”, I decided to attempt writing a song in Tribute to those Nurses who had cared for my well being during those trying (and some life threatening) times. I focused on the last ones I recalled. They wore white uniforms and were all female (YES, I know that there ARE male nurses AND know that not many wear white any more… but besides how amazingly efficient and caring they were, that was what I remembered of them)… and this is the song I wrote about (and for) them…


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