We are women, hear us roar!

A couple of interesting magazines came to me this week. One was celebrating all the Women of the Year and one was discussing how females are poised to save the economy. In a year with lots of firsts for women, it was a nice pat on the back. I think sometimes we forget that we still have a long way to go…I mean we haven’t even been voting for 100 years yet!
One article said that even though men still account for $23.4 trillion dollar of the worldwide total income (women only account for $10.5 trillion), women are on the up and up, taking their place in the forefront of economy. More women are the CEOs, VPs, entrepreneurs of major corporations; making more room for the equality that has been so well deserved.

Nursing has historically not walked hand-in-hand with the women’s movement. (The entire history is far too long for a blog!) But we are progressing and, imagine, since the majority of our work force is female … what we could all accomplish together.

Now if we could only find a more comfortable way to make stilettos!

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