Wearing big, loose pajamas to work

I just got back from my annual vacation with my group of friends and we have all returned tan, relaxed, kind of ready to go back to work, and heavier. A lot heavier. It is amazing what ten days of eating and drinking can do to months of hard work.
Everyone was talking about how they were going to get back in shape when we returned to our real lives. Some were talking about doing the cave man diet, some were going to count points, others were going to hit the gym like crazy.

I was talking to my dear friend (who also is a personal trainer and nutrition guru) and she said it is all about making decent choices. Don’t get the fried food, limit your sugar, go for a walk; pretty simple stuff. I thought about this advice as I was eating ice cream tonight (it is just really too hot to have anything else) and thought…well, I guess I’ll start tomorrow.

Days like this I am pretty excited that I get to wear big, loose pajamas to work!

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