Wearing your heart on your scrubs sleeve: What are you passionate about?


As a nurse, there are days you love your job—and days when you feel less enthusiastic about your chosen profession. Thankfully, most of us have interests outside of work that can keep us feeling “pumped up” even on challenging days. Bringing these fun and exciting aspects of life to the job can take your mind off your work woes. Which of the scrubs below might make your day?
Show Some Team Spirit
A sports team logo is the perfect accessory to “take your scrubs out to the ball game.” It’s also great for helping coworkers identify you as an ally…or an enemy to be the target of some good-natured teasing! Cherokee Team Scrubs offers dozens of logo options from Major League Baseball and basketball teams. Patches are available on both scrubs tops and pants, so guys and gals can pick whichever unisex piece gives them the best fit. If you can’t find scrubs for sale featuring your favorite team (such as your child’s softball team), you can always add your own patch to a pair of scrubs any time.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit


The Constant Gardener
If you’re an avid horticulturalist, you’re in luck when it comes to picking out scrubs that display your enthusiasm for all things blooming. Floral scrub prints come in literally every imaginable shade and combination of colors. Don’t feel restricted to just wearing flowers in the spring or summer. A bright bouquet might be just the thing to lighten the mood on a dreary winter day. Fortunately, a printed flower won’t trigger a sneezing attack in sensitive patients! Try Daisy Dreamin’ when you want to stand out. Barring a restrictive dress code, there’s no need to be a wallflower at work in plain Jane scrubs!

The Constant Gardener


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