Weight loss isn’t about the weight

No, that wasn’t a mistake. Losing weight is not about the pounds, or the weight, or the fat, etc. Losing weight is about finding your happiness.
Let’s all be honest here. Being heavy and overweight is not ‘enjoyable’. I can’t remember anyone ever telling me they ‘like’ being heavy. If I’m not mistaken obesity is somehow linked to depression isn’t it (sorry, I haven’t don’t the research on that one)? Now, don’t get me wrong and don’t warp my words. I’m not saying that being obese = depression. I’m simply addressing the reality that most individuals decide to lose weight because they are not ‘happy’ with their current (situation) weight.

Obesity affects our bodies, our minds, and our world with such a rippling domino effect that ignoring it only makes it worse.

It boils down to how bad is it affecting your ‘inner’ smile. Everyone’s tipping point is different, but we all reach that same moment when you start taking account of your current health situation and your found wanting.

There is no silver bullet or magical potion out there that can fix that. In the end you have to face the ‘sadness’ and decide if being happy is a priority.

Anyone who is fighting the weight loss battle can give you ‘war stories’ of their own. What worked, what didn’t. What helped, what didn’t. Who helped, who didn’t. Their weaknesses and their failures as well as their strengths and their accomplishments. One thing is for sure, you can tell if they are winning the ‘battle’ just by their attitude and their demeanor. Are they happy?

The happiness can come in a million-and-one forms. Everything from physical and emotional freedom, self-image improvements, to general wellness progression. It all stems from the mind and not the body.

Once we get a handle on and control of the mental toughness, the physical discipline comes easy. I don’t know about you but walking up a flight of stairs was so much easier than deciding to not eat that Krispy Kreme donut.

We all possess the ability to achieve that type of happiness, no matter what level! It’s a simple decision. Choosing to be happy is a conscious action that requires us to dig deep inside ourselves. Those mentally tough decisions are about what you want now and what you want most. As nurses we have had to ‘dig’ many times in our careers. We used that very shovel when we decided to become a nurse, during all those difficult classes in nursing school, during those stressful times studying for our state board exam, and we continue to used that same shovel when our patients need us most. Nurses possess a level of mental toughness that can’t be described in words.

When you are ready to join the battle of losing weight be sure to bring your shovel. You’re going to need it.

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