What an RN should never ask of a CNA

I’m here to publicly apologize to any CNA reading this. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the norm, nor is it acceptable to most of us currently practicing! I still strongly believe that the most important assessment skills can be learned from getting my hands dirty. And I learned that from a CNA.

The professional rapport you have with your CNA can make or break your career. I make it a point to strengthen that relationship, because when the going gets tough and the you-know-what hits the fan, my fellow CNAs are often times the ones that keep me afloat.

What goes around comes around folks. If you cannot make the time to get your hands dirty, the CNA will not have the time to keep you from ‘drowning’ in your time of need. It really is that simple. It’s called teamwork.

A nurses’ aide (Certified Nurses Aid – CNA) is the unsung hero of the nursing world. When someone asks what you do, never simply say “I’m just the aide.” When we speak of bedside care and we refer to the ‘team effort’ this part of the team is probably the most under-appreciated, yet most needed team member. They are the silent majority. When they are doing what they do best, you sometimes (more often than we like to admit) forget they are there. But, when they are absent it turns your whole world upside down. Thank you, CNAs, for all that you do!

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