WATCH: What can a magician teach a nurse?

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Have you ever stuck your foot in your mouth? Said something that you realized really shouldn’t have been said, or wondered, “Did I really say that?” If we’re lucky, all it brings is a bit of embarrassment. But think about the car valet who refused to get a wheelchair for an emergency patient because it was too close to the end of his shift. And the patient, unbeknownst to him, was a high-ranking executive in the hospital. Oops.

Stories like this have their funny side, but they also show that we may forget why we are in nursing. Using humor, with a good dose of reality, Bridget Duffy, former chief experience officer at Cleveland Clinic, offers us her experience from the other side of the bed:

What’s So Funny?
Je Ne Comprends Pas
Open Mouth, Insert Foot
The Magic of Empathy

Find out how a unit of oncology nurses pushed through burnout with laughter and achieving deeper connection with each other…

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