What do doctors want? “Mind readers”

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What do doctors really want? Read the back and forth between Dr. Brady Pregerson, our favorite ER Doc, and Nurse Rebekah Child, our favorite sassy RN.

MD said: The secret to most relationships—be they at home, at work or elsewhere—is the ability to predict what your “partner” wants as well as what he or she doesn’t want.

Ask yourself: What keeps your relationship going strong? What are major sources of aggravation? What makes your day run more smoothly and what causes things to slow down or grind to a halt?

So here’s my first tip for new nurses: Take a glimpse into the workings of an MD’s mind. Anticipate what doctors want and what they don’t, so as a team you’re collaborative and constructive. Hopefully the doctors you work with will be doing their part as well.

RN said: So here’s the thing: Each doctor in our ED is like a lover (without the sex and gifts on Valentine’s Day, of course!)—we have to know their pet peeves, their subtle signals that they’re in a bad mood, a good mood, a great mood…or to run in the other direction.

Many times, as soon as you say, “Dr. So and So,” you’ll get a look that will let you know what color the mood ring is. That said, if you speak to any doctor the way you would like to be spoken to, with respect and consideration and having done your homework, you’ll be golden. Oh, and don’t forget a small side of humor.

Do you have to be a mind reader at work?

And do you have any more tips on “What doctors want”?

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