What do non-nurses REALLY think about scrubs??


“You are so lucky, you get to wear pajamas to work.”

<eye roll>

“Yeah, it’s awesome!”

Every nurse has had that conversation at some point, all while thinking, as a friend or distant family member says the dreaded pajama phrase, “They are functional! They are useful! Scrubs need to be comfortable for my job!”

The Scrubs magazine team wondered, “What if we had some non-nurses give scrubs a test drive? Would they understand that they are not only comfortable, but also functional?” We picked a few of our friends with hobbies or jobs that need pockets and sent them a few select pieces.

Nurses won’t be surprised by what we found!

First, our friend who sews:

Lipstick Pop from HeartSoul

HeartSoul Lipstick Pop V-Neck

“I tried the HeartSoul v-neck top one afternoon while sewing a big project. I picked up all the tools that I normally keep at my right hand by my sewing machine and sorted them into the front pockets.

Everything fit nicely while I sewed, but it did take a while to unlearn years of muscle memory and stop trying to grab everything from next to my machine. Once I did start reaching for the pockets, I was thrilled to have everything within easy reach and sorted out. It took me less time to find my tools than the usual ‘feel around and grab’ that I normally go through to find what I need.”

Next, our cyclist friend:

V-Neck Knit Panel Top in Black

Dickies V-Neck Knit Panel Top in Black

Low-Rise Drawstring Cargo

Dickies Low-Rise Drawstring Cargo

“I tried both scrub tops and pants; I picked black so grease and grime wouldn’t show! The shirt pockets were perfect for carrying my phone, keys and emergency tool on a long ride. I didn’t have to worry about my phone falling out of my pocket! I will definitely make this top my ‘go-to’ shirt for extended rides.

Next time I did maintenance on my bike, I wore scrub pants and stuck my tools in all the nooks and crannies of each pocket. Wow, talk about a timesaver! I didn’t have to keep bending down to pick up tools and everything was right in reach. Screwdrivers, Allen wrenches and a few other bits and bobs fit perfectly.

After I finished my maintenance, I went out for a test ride and met a nurse biking to work in bright blue scrubs!”

Finally, our artist friend:

HeartSoul Mock Wrap Top in Electric Floral

HeartSoul Mock Wrap Top in Electric Floral

Drawstring Cargo Pant in Navy

Cherokee Drawstring Cargo Pant in Navy

“I tried out both scrub tops and pants for my test and I LOVE them. This is going to make me sound like a nurse, but I swear I’m not! I keep cotton swabs, tongue depressors and other interesting things around for clean up and ‘fixes’ for my paints. I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have everything I use (that isn’t a paint brush) right at my fingertips!

I was also very pleased to get out of my regular studio attire (a set of overalls) and into something prettier but just as convenient. These will be extra handy when the summer rolls around, since my studio can get pretty warm. ”

There you have it–non-nurses love scrubs once they get the chance to try them out! What do you think? Have you ever encouraged your non-nurse friends or family members to sport a set of scrubs? Would you?

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