What does it take to be a great nurse (in three words or less)?

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It takes many, many (many) qualities to be a great nurse. Is it possible to boil these qualities down to three words?

Probably not, but this is exactly what we asked you on our Funny Nurses Facebook page, and many of you were up to the challenge! We want to highlight some favorites in the space below, but that is no reason to stop now. Keep letting us know what it means to be a great nurse in the comments below or over on Facebook. We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

What does it take to be a great nurse (in three words or less)

Chocolate, wine and Jesus.
–Carolyn Tucker

Common sense!
–Anali Vera

Gallons of coffee!
–Barbara Jeany Meetze Hockett

A BIG heart!
–Michelle Leigh Gullick

Four arms.
–Michael Jones

Dr. Scholl’s inserts.
–Myra Giezel

Nerves of steel!
–Janice Poston Woodberry

Organization skills, time management and high bullsh*t tolerance level.
–Debbie Roundy

A strong bladder. Strong stomach. Empathy.
–Rachel Rutten

And, of course, one final note that we all know to be the real truth about it (and why we allowed a few artistic liberties on the three-word limit):

A great nurse could never be summed up in just three words.
–Jo-Anne Legg


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