What does the nursing profession say about America?


When photographer Carolyn Jones was asked to photograph nurses around the country for a project promoting nursing, she got more than she expected.

“I thought I was making a book that would celebrate nurses,” she said in an interview about the project. “I ended up gaining a better understanding of the country through the lens of the American nurse.”

That book is The American Nurse, which contains 75 portraits of nurses from around the United States, along with biographies and interviews. The book’s website states that the project is geared toward having non-nurses see the true role nurses play in today’s healthcare system.

A short video explains more about the project and features a few of the nurses from the book.

What do you think about The American Nurse project? Make sure to pick up a copy of the spring issue of Scrubs magazine (available February 2013). It includes the inside story of five of the nurses featured in The American Nurse. For special events and more information on the project, click here.

Do you think this project could help open the public’s eyes to the importance of nurses in our healthcare system?

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