What Does Your Coffee Say About You?


Almost everyone goes for a morning caffeine fix at the start of a nursing shift, but what does your coffee say about you?
What Does Your Coffee Say About You


An espresso drinker is someone who gets right to the point — no fluff, no excess, just coffee in, arguably, its purest form. You’re probably a born leader, a type A personality who takes charge and gets things done. Your hardworking nature and no-BS outlook on the world around you make you an inspiration to your team. You also enjoy the finer things, savoring the unique aromatic flavor profiles of high-quality espresso. Your morning espresso shot helps propel you to the top of your nursing career.

Double Espresso

You’re practical, logical, and to the point. You’re hardworking and approach things with clear, concise directionality and careful logical consideration.

Regular Latte

You’re a traditionalist with tried and true tastes in coffee. You’re relatively laid back, but still hardworking at the office. You’re a reflective and self-aware person, but you don’t worry about over analyzing everything in ways that cause anxiety. You’ve got great bedside manners and excellent rapport with your patients. Your friendliness and down to earth attitude go a long way toward making their day a little brighter.


You’re a person with sophisticated tastes. Chances are, you excelled in school, in the humanities as well as the biological sciences. Your sense of style is unique, yet put together and very polished. Your home is well decorated, with an elegant flair, and you read everything you can get your hands on. You probably also enjoy visiting museums and art galleries and keeping your creative side engaged with hobbies like painting or creative writing.


You’re adventurous, and the first to try out something different and new. Chances are, you’ve been drinking frappucinos since they first took the coffee world by surprise when Starbucks started becoming popular. You’re spontaneous, living in the moment rather than agonizing over past decisions or worrying about the future. You’re full of positive energy, which makes you great with your patients. With all that energy, you hardly even need caffeine.

Iced Coffee

You’re an assertive person, and when you want something, you do what you can to achieve it. You don’t have time for drama and pettiness in your life, and when it comes to gossip and office politics, you always keep your distance. At the same time, though, you’re confident about expressing your opinions, and you’ve always been somewhat of a trendsetter.

Black Coffee

You’re a bit of an aesthete, and you’re the kind of person with refined tastes who appreciates the finest in things like coffee, wine, and craft beer. You drink your coffee straight and black, so you can truly savor the full robustness of its unique aroma and flavor profile. Rather than masking inferior grocery store coffee with sugar and cream, you let high-quality brew speak for itself.

Soya Flat White

You may be health-conscious, or you may actually suffer from lactose intolerance. You’re kind of quiet and very conscientious. You have specific tastes, but you’re not one to make a fuss over it. You may or may not be vegetarian or vegan.


You’re a creative, fun-loving person with a mild sweet tooth. You’re not crazy about the taste of plain coffee, but you love chocolate, and you really love caffeine.


You’re too excitable and high-energy to need caffeine, and it tends to make you jittery. Or, you’re on prescription stimulant medications for ADHD or depression, reducing the need for caffeine as a day-to-day stimulant.

Coffee with A Little Bit of Cream & Sugar

You’re a traditionalist, but not too picky. You like coffee for the flavor and caffeine, but you’re a fan of neither straight-up black coffee, nor espresso, or of decadent flavored lattes and cappuccinos.

Pumpkin Spice Frappucino

You’re always on the latest trends, and you have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Sugar-Free Energy Drinks
When you go, you go hard. You’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, and when it comes to xanthines, that’s energy drinks and energy shots. Whether you’re a classic Red Bull fan, or you’re into Monster Rehab, you don’t mess around when it comes to getting your morning caffeine fix.

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