What does your Instagram account say about your nurse life?


You can tell a lot about a nurse by what he or she chooses to post on Instagram. Some use their account as a virtual shrine to their four-legged friends, while others use it as a way to showcase their post-shift fabulousness!
We did some exploring (okay, so we stalked you guys a bit) and found some common themes for nurse Instagram accounts. Here they are!

1. Food

Since you can’t eat during your shift, you figure that the next best thing is to post pics of food your stomach will never get to experience.

Your favorite hashtags: #MaybeOneDayWellMeet #HangryNurse #MyStomachHatesMe #IDreamOfFood 


2. Coffee

_ By:@vip_bk Choose by:@shahadahmed_3 التقييم من1-10 Evaluation from1-10 شكله يشهي😢❤❤ A photo posted by #عالم_القهوة (@coffee__world) on

Need we say more?

Your favorite hashtags: #CoffeeMakesMeHappy #YouDontExistUntilIveHadMyCoffee #ILikeMyCoffeeHowILikeMyPens #Black


3. Scrubs

If someone were to take a look in your closet, you know what they’d find? That’s right! Scrubs on scrubs on scrubs! Your commitment to the nurse life is admirable.

Your favorite hashtags: #TheScrubLifeIsTheLifeForMe #ScrubsAllDayEveryDay


4. Pens  

Anti-theft system #NurseLife #PenLife #ScrubsMag A photo posted by Scrubs magazine (@scrubsmag) on

We’re not here to judge, but your account is full of pens and it’s slightly concerning.

Your favorite hashtags: #TwoForMeNoneForYou #LookButDontTouch


5. Animals


A photo posted by DOGS (@dogs.lovers) on

When you live a life that involves working when everyone else is sleeping, and sleeping when everyone else is working…you become abnormally close to your pet(s). Yes. You’re that nurse!

Your favorite hashtags: #PetLife #MyBestFriendIsAFish #IDidntChooseThePetLife #ThePetLifeChoseMe 


6. Memes  

There’s no other explanation! #Scrubsmag #Nurses #NurseHumor A photo posted by Scrubs magazine (@scrubsmag) on

Let’s face it. These memes are the only way you stay sane.

Your favorite hashtags: #NurseHumor #MemesMakeLifeBetter #LaughToKeepFromCrying


7. Flawless and Fabulous Selfies

When you wear scrubs all day and work insane hours, it can take a toll on your physical appearance. That is why you use the ‘Gram to post pictures of yourself when you’re not sleep-deprived, hungry or coming out of a 12-hour shift.

Your favorite hashtags: #WatchOutBeyonce #IWokeUpLikeThis #SexyInAndOutOfScrubs #CantTouchThis


8. Nurse BFFs   

Every nurse has that one buddy who gets them through their tough days. You’ve found yours, and your Instagram account is a testament to your amazing relationship.

Your favorite hashtags: #NurseBesties #ThatsMyBestFriendThatsMyBestFriend #Inseparable #MyRideOrDie #TheKellyToMyBeyonce

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