“What happens when I finish grad school and start applying for nurse practitioner positions?”


We here at Scrubs are over the moon for Katie Duke, who very recently began a new chapter of her career as a nurse practitioner. Of course, we also know that many of you are on a similar path, whether you’re on the verge of completing grad school or recently graduated yourself. So, we imagine that you’re probably asking yourself the same question that every nurse in your position is asking: “What’s next for me?”
What an excellent time for Katie to fill you in.

In this week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat, Katie shares some insight into what new grads can expect when applying for a position as a nurse practitioner, along with a few tips for a smoother transition.

New or veteran nurse practitioners— have any job-hunting wisdom of your own? Share it in the comments section below!

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