What I really do…

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12 Responses to What I really do…

  1. Jane Kennedy-Kinderman

    Hello!! What about all of us ER/Trauma nurses????

    • nurseshunnie

      How can you slideshow a superhero? You all are sent from the Gods. I kneel before the greatness of the ED nurses.

  2. cgerisch

    ; )

  3. newgraduate-nurse1

    You forgot the lifters

  4. sue1m

    Work in a psychiatric ED, would love to see one for that!

  5. GalaxyDuster

    I loved that one about male nurses, “What patients think I do” and he’s a doctor! I have seen a lot of male nurses immediately mistaken by patients to be a doctor. I think it embarrasses them.

    • grasshoppa88

      Relate..I remember then when I was still working in a hospital, whenever I go rounds with our lady pediatrician, the patient’s parents would call me “doctor” and they call our pediatrician “ma’am”…

    • MAlex RN

      I would never impersonate a doctor, but there have been times that I didn’t try to change a patient’s mind when they thought I was. Those times have ALWAYS been when my patient won’t take their medications for a nurse….

  6. NVnurse

    What I really do is spend WAY too much time in front of a computer screen and not enough time connecting with patients. Welcome to corporate healthcare! I wasn’t called or trained to be a secretary or data entry clerk…I Am A Nurse!

    • Binkette

      Oh yeah! I can totally relate which is why I’m retiring, I am done with hospital nursing!!!!

    • joycemetheny

      Amen to that sister !

  7. billymayhem

    Someone needs to make a psych nurse one of these…