What is a Gravity bong, and What are the Benefits of Using One?


If you are a smoking enthusiast or a budding smoker, you must know the best way to smoke your herbs is through a bong.

A bong is arguably the best way to smoke and the most popular way worldwide to enjoy the substances of your choice. The smoke from the bong is the smoothest for inhalation and gives you a strong sense of the original substance that you have put it. Since the smoke comes to you filtered through the water, you get to enjoy a much clearer smoke with almost no toxins.

There are different bongs that you can use for smoking, and most of them only serve the same purpose. However, the use case of each bong is different. For instance, you will use a bubbler bong only to smoke pre-rolled joints; on the other hand, a dab rig would be used to smoke oil extracts.

One such bong is the gravity bong, more commonly known as geeb; it is infamous amongst smokers for its huge and clear hits.

What is a gravity bong?

As the name suggests, these bongs take advantage of gravity to make significant smoke for the user to inhale. Unlike some other bongs on the market, a gravity bong is easy to use and is one of the best ways to consume your favorite herbs or substances.

In other bongs, you have to pull the smoke through the neck of the bong, but when using a gravity bong, you can push the smoke down your throat by pushing the bong. This gives you an exceptional hit and enhances the smoking experience instantly.

How does it work?

A gravity bong has three main components, a base glass wherein you fill the water, an inverted glass, and the mouthpiece or the bowl on the inverted glass.

You fill the base glass with water almost halfway through its height, and you submerge the inverted glass into the water.

The inverted glass has a bowl on top to pack your substances.

Once you light up the substances, you have to pull the inverted glass upwards, and as you do, the smoke will start filling up in the vacuum space of the inverted glass.

After pulling out the inverted glass to the water’s level, you must remove the bowl from the top as the cavity serves as the mouthpiece.

Place the mouthpiece on your mouth, and push down the inverted glass. As you push it down, the smoke will be pushed into your throat, giving you a smooth experience.

Benefits of using a gravity bong

1. Strong pressure

The smoke enters your mouth with strong pressure when you push back the inverted glass. This provides an exemplary smoking experience. Unlike bongs where you have to inhale for a big hit, the smoke gets pushed into your mouth when it touches the water beneath. So, people who do not want to exhaust themselves by inhaling a huge hit can surely opt for a geeb or a glass bong.

2. Efficient

If your main purpose of smoking is getting some huge hits, you do not have to take multiple hits on the glass bong. As compared to other types of bongs, a glass bong provides you with bigger hits and more smoke. This helps you enjoy your favorite substances or herbs much more efficiently, and you might even need to use less of it to get the same effects.

So, now that you know what a glass bong is and how it works, you must surely try it. Ensure that you order a geeb or a glass bong from a reputed online head shop.


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