What is Scrubs Magazine?

scrubs-coverScrubs is not just another clinical nursing publication and website…there are plenty of those! Scrubs is the one and only magazine that’s 100 percent about you—personally and professionally—and the very specific joys and challenges you face because of the noble career you chose.
So, in the pages of our print edition and on our website, scrubsmag.com, you’ll not only find career advice and inspiring stories, but beauty and fashion tips as well as lots of ideas on making your downtime as relaxing as your work life is demanding.

We get it—with all the rewards and triumphs you experience, there are also difficulties and disappointments. We recognize your commitment to work, the courage and compassion you show, often against all odds (as well as against comfort and convenient hours!).

Together, our whole creative team—editors, designers and writers—has had decades of experience at many of the top titles in magazines, from Elle and Harper’s Bazaar to More, Self and Health. We all agree: We’ve enjoyed making this magazine and website more than we thought possible when we started—we’ve come to believe so strongly in you and the importance of what you’re doing. Plus, it’s been a pleasure being in contact with many of you from all around the country. You are our most important sources!

We wish to thank you for all you’ve done, not only in helping us create this magazine, but for everything you do to make life better for just about everyone. Our hope is that Scrubs and scrubsmag.com will make life better for all the men and women who make this profession so remarkable.

Want to find the print edition of Scrubs Magazine? You can pick one up at a scrubs retail store near you!

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