“What is your disgust threshold?!”

Everybody’s got that one thing that makes them gag. Yes—even nurses! And here’s proof…

In this week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat, Katie and Kati share what crosses that line for them. Check out the video below to learn what tests Kati and Katie’s “too gross” threshold, then tell us about your own in the comments section below.

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Katie Duke


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7 Responses to “What is your disgust threshold?!”

  1. nerdyhiker

    The smell of hematuria… 😩

  2. Darcie Aug

    I can handle sputum, trachs no problem. My biggest weakness is emesis…the smell, the sound of someone retching, the sight of it….just gross.
    I can usually handle bowel movements ok (including c.diff), but I had a patient who was detoxing (he drank 24oz whiskey / day at least). It was the 11th hour of my 12hr night shift and on that last big change round we found him inconintent of “whiskey shit”, my stomach turned and I couldn’t get that smell out of my nose for the life of me. I had to take gravol when I got home just so my stomach would settle so I could sleep. So Rank :(

  3. Samantha Long

    Maggots. They make me want to run away and hide. And shower. For a solid year. Such incredible heebie-jeebies!

  4. Heather Ricketts

    1st is Mouth care on a elderly pt when food and gunk is left over because they haven’t had mouth care in days!!! 2nd is GI bleed, smells worst than c diff!! Trach care doesn’t bother me, I always get stuck with them and they’re usually fresh trachs!!

  5. elljae414

    I can handle everything in the nursing home but the one thing that turns my stomach is when the g-tube feeding comes unplugged from the tube and the gevity2.0 comes back out of the patient….. Lil chunks of curdled milk vomit. And to make matters worse the feeding has continued to pump into the bed beside them….. ..I encountered this as a CNA, swore I’d never let it happen as a nurse. Lol

    • bedwards7

      I just started as a CNA and I swear I saw this on my second day as an orientee LOL yuuuccckkkk

  6. ICUshiftnurse

    G.day.. my pet peeves are sputum in cups, suctioning a vent doesn’t worry me. However, sputum in a cup my gag reflex cuts in big time. Mainly because when I was in nursing school (hospital training) one of the jobs we had to do as first years was empty the sputum cups and back then they were stainless steel mugs and inserts were NOT around so we had to clean them out and then sterilise them. GROSS!.
    My second pet peeve is vomiting. I’m a joiner. Someone starts vomiting and I automatically want to join in with them. Just the sound of it makes me retch. Let’s not even g with the smell.. That’s my worst one.
    The last one is the smell of fresh malaena. Never ever can get rid of that smell. I reckon it is worse than C.diff. Nothing worse than pulling back the sheet at shift change to check your patient and there it is. The smell hits you before you see it. Those are my three biggest problems. There are heaps more but those spring immediately to mind.