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42 Responses to What Nurses Make: Salaries for RNs, CNAs, LPNs, Staff Nurses, and more!

  1. Jill

    I am an LPN in LTC in central Illinois. I guess my facility is average. I make around $36,000 per year including OT. We don’t. Get bonuses or anything like that. But I think were all worth more monetary compensation but the relationships I have with my residents are a compensation that can’t be measured because that is priceless.

  2. Louise

    I was recently asked my opinion on nursing shortage and some comments made on whether they pay nurses too much…………..
    My reply………. Can you really pay a nurse too much for being with you or your family when they are sick or possibly dying? A life or death decision which usually comes from the “nurse” as SHE/HE are the ones at the bedside with the patient. Is it really too much to pay us for risking “our” lives every day being exposed to all of the diseases that patients have and we give our all to care for? I say absolutely NOT when we are paying millions to say……..a football player, an actor or people who only entertain our lives. Has it gotten that bad that our actual life and those who care for it aren’t worth much??????????

  3. Non-bedside nurses may also be interested in a new salary survey of case managers and non-bedside nurses in NY, NJ and PA.

    Average salary in 2009 was $83,592

    You can download the complete survey results at:


  4. cindie

    In California
    RN’s: make 4-5 times min wage (ranges $32-38)
    Lvn’s: make 3 times min wage $15-25
    Cna’s min.

    • Ghans

      Am a diploma Nurse registered in Ghana and a Physician Assistant licensed registered in Ghana. An coming to California for Lincoln University Masters degree. I will by all consider a time job. Please any advice . Thanks

      • Ghans

        I make by net about 400 dollars per month or make about 13 dollars per 6 hours. Am in Ghana. Any advice. Am about moving to California. Thanks

  5. Brenda Mowdy

    South Carolina is probably the lowest paid nurses. i have been an LPN for 30 years and just make between $17 and $18 dollars an hour!

  6. Shannon Weaver

    I currently work cardiac telemetry in Little Rock, AR. As an RN with 5 years experience I still make only 23.01/hr which is actually less than I was making working as an agency LPN when I was in RN school. Kinda sad.

  7. JennRN

    Im a nurse in Baltimore, MD and seem to make a little more than half way or the RN salary range. I still dont feel its enough considering all the work I do each day and standing on my feet running from room to room for 13 hrs. a day. But its more than I made as a teacher!

  8. jarguelloRN

    I’m an RN here in Los Angeles, California @ a Cardiothoracic Stepdown Unit. When I was a New Grad RN 12 years ago, my starting salary was $26.75/hr. My current salary is $45.00/hr. as a CNIII.

  9. Sima

    I am a CNA student right now and am choosing to become certified as a way to build up my credentials before applying to nursing school next year. CNAs deserve so much more recognition and pay for what they do. For those who have been enrolled in nursing school or are already RNs, exposure to a nursing home would make you a better nurse in you haven’t seen one or worked in one before. It is tough, and the nurses are expected to maintain a smile throughout the entire shift. The difference in the dynamic of a nursing home compared to an acute care facility is striking, really.

  10. Sima

    I am a CNA student right now and am choosing to become certified as a way to build up my credentials before applying to nursing school next year. CNAs deserve so much more recognition and pay for what they do. For those who have been enrolled in nursing school or are already RNs (who are not CNAs), exposure to a nursing home would make you a better nurse in you haven’t seen one or worked in one before. It is tough, and the nurses are expected to maintain a smile throughout the entire shift. The difference in the dynamic of a nursing home compared to an acute care facility is striking, really.

  11. RIRI

    I am a new grads from Southern California, I make about 75,000/year (full time), I make more if I work over time.

    • huddle01

      Hello, My wife and I are relocating to this area in the next few months. She is an RN, Started working floor then moved to management at that hospital until taking a job as director of a hospice home. She is 37 years old, has around 10 years experience. Do you have any suggestions or info that would help on landing the right job for her?

  12. lguer47860

    I have a question how do LPNSand/or people getting a license in that field feel about how they will be removing this position just like how they did to LVNS? My professor told me about this and i was in shock since I know so many people who are getting a license in this position.

    • Tim

      One chain of Hospitals here in the Atlanta area have already let go of all LPN’s who are not enrolling in BSN programs.

  13. cbenton

    My career started in 1979. I worked in the ICU/CCU of a large hospital and made 8.95 and hour by working a specialty and the night shift.
    I went back to working the MSP floor making 29.50 an hour, as you can see the raises for nurses have hardly kept pace with the cost of living.
    The amount of work and responsibility we take on is unbelievable yet when you ask for a raise the powers that be raise their eyebrows and it is like asking you why should we give you one.
    e are professionals taking human lives in our hands and doing the very best we can to help them get the care they need.
    I have finally had enough and retired I had not planned to do so but the stress and responsibility have become to much for me.
    Bless the rest of you in this profession and I wish you all the best.
    A tired and frustrated nurse who has felt for a long time that this profession deserved better.

  14. Tim

    LPN salaries are not listed here. It brings up CNA salaries if you click on the LPN link..

    • ShariDCST

      If you haven’t found them by now, or for anyone else who has the same problem, I went to the bottom of the original first page of the article, where the pages are listed individually by number to click on – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10 – then it says See All, which gives you all the information in order, on one page. The LPN salaries are listed third, after the RNs and the CNAs.

      I think that nursing salaries were very much lower at the earlier stages, when nurses, while being extremely well trained in three year programs in hands-on patient care, had much less autonomy, training and access to the more definitive sciences, and weren’t getting involved get in the doctors’ diagnostic and invasive care skills as they would do later. Just to put it in some kind of perspective, there was a time when starting IV’s, giving blood transfusions, and even taking blood pressures were strictly within the doctors purview! Nurses wouldn’t be allowed to learn these skills for quite some time. Nursing schools now have become training centers for future nursing administrators, not hands on care professionals.

      Living in a town of numerous collegiate level nursing schools, as well as a Statewide Community College network which has an outstanding reputation for educating excellent AD RN’s, LPN’s, CST’s (which I was for 15 years until becoming disabled to the point, from a work injury, where I could not perform the substantial functions of my job), Certified Medical Assistants, and other healthcare technologists, I hear a lot about what’s going on in that network.

      It seems that many nursing educators at the collegiate level have taken on and disseminated to their students the attitude that bedside care is actually beneath them, and that there’s something wrong with them if they aren’t planning to be in a Master’s program within five years of graduation, and exclusively involved in Adminstrative functions by ten years out. The students I have come into contact with frequently, in and out of hospital environments, act as if laying hands, even gloved ones, on another human being is beneath them, and that they can’t wait to get away from the bedside and back into school as soon as possible, to learn about how to tell others how to do their jobs.
      Frankly, with the cost of education in general, and the medical professions in particular, I can’t imagine carrying that kind of Student Loan burden constantly, not even being through with one set before taking on more. (And, if I understand it correctly, there’s a limit of the degree levels that Student Loans will pay for, and everything else comes out of your own pocket?)

      It’s a sad day when girls don’t go into nursing anymore because of any real “calling,” or temperament or internal motivation to care for their fellow human beings, like girls used to, after playing Nurse to their dolls, pets and neighborhood friends. Those young ladies seemed to make the best nurses after all.

      Not that being given access to so many other potential options is a bad thing. I’ve never felt that anyone should be pigeonholed into a very limited number of gender-focused roles, simply because of their gender. My whole attitude with growing up in the roiling center of the Women’s Liberation Movement was never that all women should be forced to totally abandon those careers they had been previously limited to, but that the CHOICES should be far wider, so that anyone – male OR female – should be allowed to pick and choose based solely on their own interests and talents. If there are women who WANT to be homemakers and mothers, because they truly feel that is their calling, that SHOULD be perfectly fine, just as it seemed to be for men who wanted to become firefighters or auto mechanics. If women wanted to be firefighters or auto mechanics then that should be fine too. But, it wasn’t “fine” and a whole lot of people turned it into an “all or nothing” proposition instead.

      I was made to feel that because I wanted to be a Nurse, that there must be something wrong with me because I did not want to get out into the great big world of what had always been “men’s work”, and I was somehow a traitor to “The Cause” and to the women fighting the battle “for me”! Not at all what I had in mind, but that’s ok, because I went and did what I wanted to anyway, in spite of them!

  15. nutmegnative

    I earn about 65.000 as a high school nurse in New England I am paid on teachers salary scale ( I have my MS) and have 18 years in the district, 29 as an RN. And I follow the the school calendar. That said ( and trust me I am not complaining at all) there are no $$ bonuses- no OT, no differentiall for working evenings or weekends ( and that does happen). I am blessed and I love my job!

  16. anna hall

    love this site i thought i was under paided now my numbers look better thanks

  17. japmep

    I am a LPN with 20+ years experience and work in a LTC facility. I live in Jefferson City Tennessee and only make $17.67 an hour. I am going back to school at 53 years of age to try and obtain my RN so I can make enough money to hopefully retire before I get put in a LTC facility. I am going through the College Network for my AN and will graduate from Excellcior College. Does any one have any advice for me?
    Thanks in advance.

    • JKLPN

      Hi japmep, I am almost 53 and have considered going back for my RN and have thought about taking the the same route you are taking. How will you be able to complete clinicals? Good luck with your endeavor and I would love for you to keep me posted some how on how it is going for you.

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  19. twh

    I work for a community mental health agency in the upper mid west. i have been an RN and worked full time for 38 years. I make 26.00 hour, a 10.00 pay cut from working with for the state mental health system. We are on call every 3rd weekend, we get 12.00 per day to carry the phone weekdays and 20.00 per day on weekends. We are to anticipate how many hours we will work on the weekend and take those hours off the week prior. We get .45 cents per mile when we use our own cars which is often. The administrator and supervisors just got a very hefty raise and told the nurses that their pay was frozen as we “make too much money”. I love working with the patients but the administration is clueless. It is very sad that public money is being spent this way.

  20. JKLPN

    I am an LPN and just got an extended care job in Home Health starting out at $20/hr. $30/hr for overtime which I will get 4-5 hrs. per pay period. However, the only benefits I get are holiday pay. There are lots of jobs here in Shreveport, LA for NAs, LPNs, and RNs.

  21. kgurl07

    Well according to this article i am underpaid. $9.40/hr as a CNA/MAT $14664.00/yr for a salary. Urgh not cool. But i do love my job I am working in a Assisted Living Facility.

  22. Dave

    Any ideas about how much the average RN makes in Alleghany County, NY? Where can I find this?

  23. Kaladon

    What!? My cousin’s a new grad and she started with $40/hr….

  24. birdie344

    Wow. This is sad. First off, I have a huge respect for RN’s and wish I would have went down the path straight out of high school to become one! That being said, I can’t believe how little they pay RN’s in most states!! I work in CA and am ONLY a Medical Assistant and I make $27 an hour. I have always thought RN’s made over $50 an hour! At the least. Well my hats off to you all who did the hard and grueling work to become RN’s and don’t get paid what you truly deserve :)

  25. DD83

    Hello my name is Doris. I live in NJ I have been an LPN since 12/12 I work in home care and started out at 29.00/hr I just received a raise and I am now at 30.00/hr I’m currently enrolled in an associates program at excelsior college. I will be finish nearing the end of 2014… There are tons of LPN jobs out there u just have to get out there and sell yourself… Remember there is is also tons of competition. GOODLUCK!

  26. Astapleton2004

    I am a home health nurse in Tulsa, Oklahoma with 7 years of experience. I get paid $22 per visit during the week and $27 per patient on the weekend.

  27. rnbound81

    I’m a NC II here in Texas with a little over 2 years experience with RN BSN. I started out at $55,000. My first year, with a little overtime I made $68,000. This past year I made $78,000. This year I am on track to make about $90,000-$95,000. (This year my pay rate is $63,000, working 3 days a week. I pick up an extra day now and again so I make alot more.) I work near Houston.

    • rnbound81

      I work nights also, so it pays an extra $5 an hour. I work weekends for an extra $1. So I make around $39 an hour all included. Plus they pay 100 percent insurance.

  28. Gvarland

    I work in Oregon, make $51/hr as ER nurse, 28 yr.
    My son works med/surg. On his second year. With OT (he’s day shift) made almost $90,000 last year.
    West coast pays really well. Starting wage for RN in Oregon is around $33-$35/hr at all hospitals. Most of Oregon’s hospitals are union.

  29. ShariDCST

    Even though this article says at the top that it was last updated as og 7/18/17, we are now reading this as of 9/22/17, and it says the figures have been updated as of just two days ago, some things don’t need changing, which is the method used to determine these salary numbers.

    That has been done by the “median” method, which is not the “average”, or the “mean” as it is otherwise known. The median, if you recall from basic high school math courses, or some basic college level math courses, is the figure found in the exact middle of a line or column of numbers created by listing all the given figures in numerical order, from smallest to largest.

    There is a formula that can be used to determine the median, but if your line or vertical column of numbers is short enough, you can simply count in from both ends at the same time, until you meet in the center. However, with the numerous salary figures they dealt with in each category, the formula method was surely employed! That formula is — Given the following string of numbers,
    13, 14, 18, 16, 13, 14, 13, 21, 13
    The median is the The median is the middle value, so first I’ll have to rewrite the list in numerical order:

    13, 13, 13, 13, 14, 14, 16, 18, 21

    There are nine numbers in the list, so the middle one will be the (9 + 1) ÷ 2 = 10 ÷ 2 = 5th number:

    13, 13, 13, 13, 14, 14, 16, 18, 21

    So the median is 14.
    13, 13, 13, 13, 14,5 14, 16, 18, 21

    There are nine numbers in the list, so 7 middle one will be the (9 + 1) ÷ 2 = 10 ÷ 2 = 5th number:

    13, 13, 13, 13, 14, 14, 16, 18, 21

    So the median is 14.

    The site located at http://www.purplemath.com/modules/meanmode.htm was employed to provide the above information, clearly and hopefully, succinctly,