“What nursing superpower do you wish you had?”

If you ask us, nurses already utilize a number of superpowers on a daily basis…but who couldn’t use more support on the job?!

In this week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat, Katie is sharing the superpowers she wishes she could tap into at work. Powers we imagine you wouldn’t mind having yourself…

But don’t leave us guessing! Share the nursey superpowers you’re daydreaming about in the comments section below.

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Katie Duke


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One Response to “What nursing superpower do you wish you had?”

  1. selfdevlab

    Hi Katie,

    I recently asked a group of nurses online what skill they wished they had to deal with difficult people at work. The second most popular answer was having a superpower!

    Including –> vulcan nerve pinch, disintegration ray, a mute button, Jedi mind trick, invisibility, a giant cookie monster type character to devour them with impunity, and a magic wand.

    My favorite was the mute button. Old school and effective. :)