What They Don’t Teach You in Nursing School

BEDSIDE MANNER. That’s right. An attribute of the healthcare field that comes across as something that is so minuscule when it comes to overall care. When in fact it plays one of the greatest roles in providing exceptional care of your patients, their recovery and ability to progress through their current situation. And ironically, they don’t teach this in nursing school. It is just a little piece of your character that speaks volumes of who you are.

 I am a registered nurse and I take pride in my bedside manner. I take pride in not only possessing the skills and knowledge it requires to properly take CARE OF YOU. But in my ability to CARE FOR YOU. In my ability to interact with my patients, who are able to communicate, and their families as if they are my own or an old friend. NOT like they are just some object, task at hand or obstacle between me and catching up with my “work bestie”.

Despite how hectic it may get I still find the time to implement the reason why I became a nurse in the first place. That’s to help heal those in need through a clasped hand, open ear, empathetic mind & compassionate heart. If I haven’t made someone smile or helped calm a worrying heart or mind each shift, I feel I haven’t done my job. Even when it comes to the most difficult of patients who are utterly rude and seem as if there is nothing you can do to make them happy, still try. Don’t just take the off going nurses’ comments that such and such patient is impossible or accept that room 410 is just always in a bad mood. Your luck may be different. Your particular charm and cheer may be just what they need. Who knows? There is no guarantee the previous nurse even tried.

Anybody can perform a necessary skill or pass a med, at least they very well should be able to if they are in this field. But it’s those who are there for their patient & their family beyond just the medical issues, that make up the GREAT nurses and healthcare workers in this world! Take pride in upholding your beliefs and morals but remember the person in that bed is more than likely worse off than you. Ensure to educate new nurses, and old alike, about the importance of never forgetting that, although you have tasks to complete, your patients are still people and NOT objects. People who, most are at their worst and at the very least far from their best days, and we’re here to help them through these times.

So do me and your patient’s a favor and keep that in mind the next time you step on the floor to start your shift. How would you feel if that truly were your family or friend laying in that bed in front of you? Keep your nurse heart strong and remember just “knowing your shit” and being able to start an IV isn’t enough. Bedside manner is just as important. Thanks to all my fellow nurses and those to be that already implement this into their every shift care. And to those who don’t or have yet to enter the field. Don’t forget, bedside manner, although not a skill or a medication, can make all the difference in your patient’s recovery and ability to cope with their present condition.

Nursing is my skill. CARING is my passion.

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