What to Wear Under Scrubs?


One of the most crucial parts of the nursing career is wearing the nursing uniform. Wearing scrubs is a must; it is the only way to be recognized as a nurse. 

If you’re an avid fashionista, the idea of wearing scrubs daily might not be appealing. However, the fact is, if you’re a nurse or a doctor, scrubs are a necessity. If you’re going to be working in a hospital or a doctor’s office, you’re going to spend most of your day in scrubs, so you might as well make sure you’re comfortable with what you wear underneath them.

Of course, it is very important to know what to wear under scrubs. For some people, scrubs can be extremely uncomfortable at first. That is because they can be showy and transparent if in a light color. Here are a few ways to decide what to wear under your nursing scrubs.

Choose a breathable t-shirt to put under scrub

Wear a breathable t-shirt under scrubs to prevent sweat marks and uncomfortable feelings. Wearing a breathable t-shirt under a scrub is not a new idea. It’s a good way to keep you feeling comfortable, fresh, and dry during your long working day. Make sure you choose a breathable t-shirt that is light, soft, and not too absorbent. Cotton is a good choice. Long sleeve t-shirt is a better option than a short sleeve t-shirt.

Pick boy brief cut underwear to hide from showing over the scrub

It’s important to wear comfortable womens underwear under your scrubs so that you can focus on the task at hand. You want to feel comfortable, but you also want to make sure you don’t have lines showing through your pants. If you’re not comfortable and confident, it can really affect your attitude and your ability to do your job well. Pick boy brief cut underwear to hide from showing over the scrub. This is the most used underwear by most professionals in the field.

Ensure to choose a comfortable bra

When you’re in your scrubs, you’re going to be doing a lot of bending and lifting. If you need to rely on your support, you’re going to have a bad time. The best way to ensure you’re wearing the right bra for the job is to get a professional bra fitting. Once you know your size, go shopping to find the best option. Also, ensure to choose fabric material that can absorb sweat well and doesn’t itch. Choose high-quality and premium fabrics.

Sweat absorbent

Your under scrubs should be made of material that absorbs sweat well. This is a very important factor to consider when choosing what to wear under scrubs. The material of your undershirt should be made of a material that absorbs sweat well. Cotton is ideal but not the only material that absorbs sweat well. Many people are allergic to cotton, so it is important to try a synthetic material instead.

If you have a busy day in the hospital or just a busy day at work, these clothes should be able to absorb sweat while maintaining their form and shape.

Wear white or nude under white scrubs

Deciding what to wear under your scrubs can be a tricky task – especially if you work in the medical field. This can be different to everyone’s preferences, but it is recommended to wear nude or white under white scrubs. If you work in a hospital, you may have to wear other colors, so check what undergarment color would be best for each color of scrubs so that they won’t show.

Size up your scrubs

The first thing you have to do when you buy scrubs is to make sure that you are buying the right size so that the inside garments won’t show as you bend. Scrubs that fit tight don’t look that good. 

However, if you get scrubs that are too big, you will look sloppy, and that is not what you want to achieve. The same goes for scrubs that are too small. The scrubs should fit right and not be loose. They are not supposed to fit like an old pair of sweatpants. Get the size right, and you will look like a professional.

You’ll want scrubs that fit well and don’t pinch in any areas, especially around the waistband. Make sure they’re not too loose as well. If they are, they’ll bunch up around your legs and cause discomfort. Also, make sure they’re not too big either. If they are, they will look baggy and make you look frumpy instead of professional.

Wear warm clothing for winter

In the winter, you need to be sure you’re wearing the right clothes under your scrubs. You don’t want to be wearing something that might be too warm or too thin or that could be a fire hazard.

Compression leggings are designed to help you recover faster after a tiring day at work. They help reduce the effects of lactic acid buildup that accumulates in your muscles. Compression leggings are also used to help prevent blood clots. These leggings can also be used to prevent the cold winter air from getting to your upper body area and keep you warm under your scrubs.

Use spandex for extra coverage

For those of you who have never worn scrubs before, they can be pretty revealing. There’s no waistband, which means that your pants slide down with every bend you make. If you don’t wear a belt, you have to be extra careful not to bend over in a position that’s unfavorable. 

The same goes for bending over to pick something up — you have to be careful not to expose your backside. Some nurses even wear spandex shorts under their scrubs for extra coverage. This can be quite revealing for patients, but it’s better than being exposed.


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